Hello dear,

I'm Fahad Zaman from the dept. of CSE. Currently I'm in my 8th semester. I'm a member of UCPC from my 2nd semester. I'm regular, helpful. I've a very good relationship with the seniors, juniors, other ULAB Club bodies, and also with all of my departmental faculties & the faculties from other department also.

Now an election is going to be happen in UCPC. I'm seeing this as a new era of our beloved club. I'm very thankful to the club adviser. With this process, I believe our club will become more active, attractive & successful then anytime before.

My activities in ULAB timeline:

1.     Participated in "ULAB Cyber Games Ver.10.3"

2.     Participated & helped to Organized "ULAB Battle of Logic 2011" (Intermediate Section.)

3.     Organized "CSE Departmental Picnic 2011, Srimangol". That people still remember it as a most enjoyable picnic of ULAB CSE.

4.     Served ULAB CSE by being an Volunteer in "ULAB Student Orientation" in Summer 2011.

5.     Performed in "CSE Dept. Student Orientation" in Summer 2011.

6.     Helped to Organize & served as a Volunteer "Math Olympiad 2011".

7.     Participated & helped to Organized "ULAB Battle of Logic 2012" (Advanced Section.)

8.     Participated & helped to Organized "ULAB Cyber Games Ver.11.2".

9.     Participated & helped to Organized two of "ULAB Adventure Club tours". I'm a core member of that club since October 2011.

10.  Organized & served as a Volunteer in "ULAB Convocation 2012". The most big & successful event in ULAB history.

11.  I'm an Advanced Session Programmer in ULAB CSE. Participated in different "National Programming Contests" (6 times) on behalf of ULAB.

12.  I'm an Gamer in ULAB CSE. Participated in different "Gaming Contests" on behalf of ULAB. I've a gaming team, the first gaming team consisting only ULAB Students.

13.  I've Participated in a Human Interaction Contest. It was "OzCHI Student design Challenge 2012". I with my team participated there not only as a first ULABian but also as a Bangladeshi.

14.  I've been an Programming Instructor in "Beginners Programming Session" several times.

15.  I've Assisted Teachers several times. Currently I'm assisting Mr. Samiul Monir Sir with his Structured Programming Class (from last two semesters).

and so on.

I've been never in an executive post as I didn't find any free fare election for being an executive in UCPC since I've joined! Without being an executive, I've tried to serve my University, my department and my club UCPC always.

I'm almost 1 year far from my graduation. Now I'd like to be an executive in UCPC. I hope I'd serve my club & department very generously through this. And by this time I'd taught the juniors which I've learned from my long time experience.

By thinking my experience & service towards the University, to the Department & to the Club, I would like to see myself in the executive post of General Secretary.

All I need is your support now. Hope you’ll be cast your valuable vote to the right person. Thank you. 

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